Approximately $500K invested

At 10x Technology, we specialize in replicating precision microstructures into polymeric and metallic substrates. Our capabilities include product design, prototype production on pilot plant and full scale manufacturing. We have successfully developed products for many proprietary applications in the Energy, Medical, Electronics, Transportation, and Military markets.

LiftSeat Corporation
Approximately 400k invested
LiftSeat Corporation develops, manufactures and markets “non-manual” patient handling technology for the institutional and home health markets.

Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.
Approximately 350k invested
Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) harnesses the superlative properties of nature's perfect material by turning natural gas into diamond in a highly controlled, reproducible process for a variety of industrial, electronic and medical applications.

Traycer Systems, Inc.
Approximately 150k invested
Traycer, Inc. has been a leader in terahertz (THz) knowledge since 2008, developing unique IP for the detection, imaging, and creation of THz light while gaining the attention of organizations such as Ohio Third Frontier, the National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Labs, and more. Traycer supplies THz imaging and spectrometry components, subsystems, and systems for custom THz research.

Lumec Control Products
Approximately 100k invested
LUMEC is redefining flow control with L3Flow technology, which eliminates turbulence, provides precise linear control response, and integrates a suite of high-powered sensors and electronics for superior flow control in a single device.

NorthStar Medical Technologies
Approximately $3M invested
Based in Beloit, Wis., NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC was founded in 2006 to address the needs of the nuclear medicine market in the United States. A wholly owned subsidiary of NorthStar Medical Technologies LLC, the company is committed to resolving industry-wide supply challenges that have caused shortages of vital medical isotopes, negatively impacting patient care and stalling clinical research. Its patented technologies include innovative non-uranium based molybdenum-99 production methods, a novel separation chemistry system and tools for the nuclear medicine market.

Intellihot Green Technologies, Inc.
Approximately $150K invested
Founded in 2009, after a traditional water heater broke down and flooded our founder’s basement, Intellihot today designs, manufactures and assembles tankless water heaters for residential, commercial and industrial applications—the first to do so entirely in the United States. Quality and innovation are at the heart of all our products, which were developed following years of extensive research. We continue to be recognized for our innovative design and have several patents pending.

Kiio, Inc.
Approximately $175K invested
Kiio is a Wisconsin-based technology business focused on the development and manufacture of objective measurement and tracking devices along with enterprise software solutions for the rehabilitation and physical therapy market. Kiio will help physical therapists increase efficiency, deliver clinical excellence, increase patient adherence, and improve patient outcomes.

Physicians Software Systems, Inc.
Approximately $400K invested
Physician Software Systems is focused on improving patient outcomes through innovative technologies that facilitate the delivery of individualized medicine, reduce costs by eliminating generalized, protocol-based treatment, and transform the way healthcare is delivered. We partner with leading medical research institutions around the world to combine new concepts in individualized medicine with our technology expertise, exemplified by working with Mayo Clinic to create the Physician Software Systems Anemia Management System™ or PhySoft AMS™.

Epsilon Imaging Inc.
Approximately $100K invested
As a provider of workflow enhancing solutions for cardiology, Epsilon Imaging is transforming cardiac diagnostic workflow with a vendor neutral suite of visualization and analysis software applications designed for echocardiography. EchoInsight provides clinical applications for improved quantification of the heart with clinical strain imaging. Applications assist clinicians to enhance, standardize, and streamline interpretation and monitoring of echo studies. Initial applications include cardio oncology, RV and stress echo. Learn more by visiting epsilon-imaging.com.

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